"I started playing piano at a young age and studied piano under Brian throughout high school. Out of the handful of teachers I had, I not only learned the most from Brian, but I enjoyed playing the most under his tutelage. He catered lessons towards my interests and challenged me to reach new heights. Lessons ranged from learning Bach to Ben Folds, music theory to sound physics, sight reading, ear training, writing, music technology and more. I also got to play and hear demos on pieces of his enviable collection of instruments. Any question I had was answered in depth, and he gave practical and detailed instructions on ways to improve my playing. 

Brian is the real deal, and I have yet to meet someone with more knowledge about playing and music theory. Most of all, he always made the effort to make learning piano fun and engaging. Years out after graduating high school, I have continued to play piano, and feel substantially equipped with with the know-how to learn and practice effectively on my own. Playing piano is one of my most cherished treasures and I highly encourage anyone interested to sign up with Brian. It's never too late or too early!"

~Isaac C., student

“Brian taught both my son and me how to play piano.   Correction – he taught us both about music and demonstrated from lesson to lesson his love of the piano; dedication and affection for his students.  My son started lessons when he was in the third or fourth grade – he is now a senior at Amherst College – and continued with Brian until he was a high school junior.  At that time, he switched to trumpet to play in the jazz band.  Joe started with piano primers and ended up playing Debussy and Rachmaninoff.   Brian understands how to adapt his teaching methods to the skill and commitment of his students.  My son is a serious musician, I less so, but we both learned a lot and had fun studying with Brian.  I heartily and enthusiastically recommend Brian Lotter who is a great teacher, an accomplished musician, and a very nice person.”

~Sol F., adult student/parent


"Brian was instrumental in getting me to where I am today. [working on Broadway] He always listened to what genres I wanted to learn with (be it musical theater, pop, rock, or classical), and adapted to what I wanted to learn while still making sure my base was solid. When I decided I wanted to study music for my career, he jumped in wholeheartedly in helping me navigate the craziness of college prescreens and auditions. I am certain I wouldn’t be the musician I am today or have gotten to where I’ve been fortunate enough to get without his help cultivating my interest in as many aspects of music making and music production as we could figure out. I would recommend him to anyone, young or old, who wants to explore and get better as a musician."

~Alex G., student


"Brian is a wonderful piano teacher! Going through multiple previous teachers who only had me playing classical music was starting to get boring. However, when I started taking lessons with Brian, he introduced me to jazz, blues, and pop piano music, and I was instantly hooked. Brian is very knowledgeable about music, and his teaching style makes it easy to learn new songs quickly. Even the classical pieces that I was tired of learning before became interesting when Brian taught me how to play that type of music. I especially liked that Brian took the time to answer questions I had about music history, other musical concepts not related to piano, or how to play new songs I heard on the radio! I highly recommend Brian as a piano teacher, he makes learning music fun, and he is a very cool guy!"

~Roshan T., student


“When Brian was my piano teacher, he never made me feel badly about any mistakes. No matter how many times I struggled with a song, Brian never gave up on me or made me feel less than. Instead, he focused on different ways to look at things such as difficult notes and chord changes. This allowed me to gain confidence and increase my piano playing ability. Brian was very open-minded and patient with me. Every time a lesson finished, I always learned something new. Brian has instilled in me the ability to learn new pieces of music which have helped me keep up with my piano playing as I move forward.”

~Kevin M., student


“Our daughter and son had the benefit of taking lessons from Brian for over a two year period. Not only is he an accomplished musician and teacher, but possesses a great quality to connect with his students on a personal level by making learning the piano fun. Brian's engaging personality increased the interest of our kids by teaching them to play music they were interested in, built on a solid foundation of fundamentals and music appreciation. They really enjoyed the time spent together, looked forward to their lessons and improved their skills. Highly recommended!”

~Joe and Jill K., parents


"Brian is one of those rare people whose gifts go well beyond the typical "piano teacher" role. For any serious student, music theory is a must. Not only can Brian teach you to read and play music and hone your technique, but he blends in theory: the physics of the music, the instrument itself, and sound. You will receive a fascinating, high caliber, and well-rounded education in piano and music theory."

~Danielle G., adult student


My son would still be taking lessons if he wasn't in college.  During his middle school years when I "forced" him to take lessons he wanted to quit many times but didn't because he really liked Brian. He continued to take lessons all through high school (when he could have stopped) because he wanted to and only stopped because he went to college.  He really enjoyed the music he played and always looked forward to the recitals even though he was extremely nervous!”

~Valerie K., parent


“Brian is an excellent teacher who was classically trained but also let's the kids explore and play different genres of music which keeps them interested. He also explains the physics behind what happens to the instrument which my son found helpful. Brian also explains the piece of music to the kids which, in my opinion enables the kids to feel and play from the heart rather than mechanically playing the piece. My son's 2 previous piano teachers were elderly women. It was much easier for my son to envision his future in music with a talented, positive and encouraging person like Brian.”

~Lori T., parent


“My daughter enjoyed her lessons at Brian Lotter Piano Studio. They gave her a better understanding and appreciation of music. Brian's easy style of teaching put her at ease and made her comfortable. I have recommended Brian to other parents.”

~Kat J., parent


"Brian is a really good teacher. I learned a lot every time I had a new lesson. Besides, he is a funny person and that made my piano lessons very enjoyable."

~Tanja M., student


“I had a lot of fun learning piano with Brian as my teacher. Whenever I didn't understand something, he always patiently explained and helped me understand. I always looked forward to his lessons. Although I live in Thailand now, I’m still practicing and learning piano and I plan to join the music club at my school.”

~Chelsea W., student