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Are you ready to embark on an enchanting musical journey? Discover the captivating world of piano with exceptional piano lessons! Whether you're an absolute beginner or an experienced player looking to elevate your skills, Brian is ready to guide you every step of the way.

🎶 Experience the Joy of Playing 🎶

Imagine the thrill of sitting at a grand piano, your fingers effortlessly gliding across the keys, producing melodies that resonate with emotion. During lessons with Brian, you'll unleash your true musical potential and experience the sheer joy of playing this timeless instrument. From classical masterpieces to modern compositions, Brian's curriculum and teaching skills encompass a wide range of musical styles, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Ishaan (Brian's student) playing Karma Police by Radiohead, arr. Josh Cohen


...and Dust In The Wind by Kansas, arr. VKgoeswild


✨ Learn from an Accomplished Instructor ✨

Brian is a highly skilled and passionate instructor, and is dedicated to nurturing your musical talents. He's an accomplished musician with extensive teaching experience, equipped with the knowledge to tailor lessons to your individual needs. Whether you prefer in-person or virtual one-on-one sessions, Brian provides personalized attention to ensure you make rapid progress and develop a deep understanding of piano technique and music theory.

Brian's studio has 8 pianos/keyboards!

🌟 Comprehensive Curriculum 🌟

Brian's comprehensive teaching methods cater to students of all ages and skill levels. He believes in building a strong foundation, so beginners will receive patient guidance in fundamental techniques, note reading, and rhythm. Intermediate and advanced students can explore complex compositions, improvisation, harmonization, and more. The lessons are designed to foster enjoyment, encourage self-expression, and instill a lifelong love and understanding of music.

Nathan (Brian's student), Then and Now: 2014 Lesson Book versus 2023 Liszt Etude

💻 Flexibility and Convenience 💻

Brian understands the demands of a busy schedule, so he offers flexible lesson options to fit seamlessly into your life. Choose between in-person lessons at his comfortable and well-equipped studio or convenient online sessions from the comfort of your own home. Brian's online lessons ensure an engaging and interactive experience, with high-quality audio and video, a three-camera setup, and honed teaching techniques that offer as much value as any in-person lesson.

🎓 Prepare for Musical Success 🎓

If you're considering pursuing music at a higher level, Brian's piano lessons will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge for auditions and music examinations. Brian has a proven track record of guiding his students to achieve remarkable results, helping them develop the confidence and technique required to excel in their musical endeavors.

Roshan (Brian's student) playing Funk Groove In F by Johnathon Wilson

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To celebrate your musical aspirations, Brian offers a special promotion for new students! Take advantage of a free trial lesson to experience his teaching firsthand. Begin your musical odyssey today!

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Don't let your dreams of playing or improving at the piano linger any longer. Contact Brian now at 757.846.6733 or bkeyed@yahoo.com to book your first lesson and unlock your true musical potential. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to ignite your musical passion and create a harmonious future. Enroll now and let the music begin!